Camden Active Schools Award

We are delighted to report that Richard Cobden have finished 3rd place (in a league of 40 schools) in the Camden Active Schools Table. Points are awarded for successful performances in competitive sports tournaments and for entering inclusive events. Ten children attended a celebration event where they were presented with an award to mark the school’s achievement.

Richard Cobden has taken part in over thirty leagues, tournaments, friendly competitions and festivals this year. Some of the highlights include winning both the rugby A and B team competitions, the girls’ basketball plate and the benchball (A team) tournament. Both of our A and B teams were runners-up in the hockey tournament and our basketball boys’ team, rounders A team and benchball B team were also runners-up in their respective competitions. We took third place in both the girls’ and boys’ football leagues and our A and B tri golf team also took third place in their respective tournaments.

Many congratulations to all the children for all their hard work this year!

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