Cross country competition – KS2

41 children from KS2 took part in the Camden schools cross country competition at Parliament Hill Fields. Years 3 and 4 completed a 1km course while the Year 5 and 6 race was over 1.5km! All of the children performed really well. Medals were awarded to Maryama, who came 10th in her race of 119 Year 6 girls, and Yusuf, who finished 4th in his race of 151 boys! Other outstanding performances came from Mursaleen, who finished 15th in his race of 155 runners, and Aquib, who came 13th out of 151 boys in his race.  Many congratulations to Maryama and Yusuf who have been selected to represent Camden in the London Games Cross Country Competition, running against children from other London boroughs.


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