Parents Survey

Thank you for your lovely comments and helpful ideas for improvement

You suggested:

You asked us for more playground equipment.

We did: We created a new playground for Years 2 and 3 with more equipment to help them to be active. We added four play huts to the Reception and Year 1 playground. We bought more equipment for all the playgrounds. We organised the KS2 playground with more structured games and activities to increase the children’s activities and enjoyment.

You will also have noticed that our Nursery and Reception play areas have been given a makeover.

You Suggested

You like all the creative work your children do in school through art, music and drama and you have asked for more.

We did: We have lots of great links with music groups who work with the children and we visits lots of great music venues where you children get to meet and work with professional musicians and other Camden school children.

In drama we work with a drama teacher who visits every week to work with the children. We also work with drama groups such as the Globe Theatre and the Unicorn Theatre. We will be continuing with these links.

We now work with two great artists who have been undertaking exciting projects with the children. You are welcome to come in and see the children’s lovely work. Watch out for the next project coming soon.

We have developed our gardening area with our resident gardener. He is working with classes teaching them all about growing things and looking after their environment. We are also developing the roof area into a garden. We will be inviting parents in to help with our gardening projects.

You Suggested:

You wanted more help with homework for children.

We did: We hope you are finding the online resources we have provided access to very helpful. Mathletics is available to support your children at home in Maths and you have Reading Bug for literacy resources.

You Suggested:

It was great to hear that many of you would now agree to your children going on residential trips.

We did: We are delighted to hear this. We are now looking into any funding sources we can access to help with the costs. Our Patents’ Association are also trying to help with this. We will be writing to the parents of the appropriate year group to pursue this further.

Good things about our school


The school is very good at handling things and have very well taught teachers.


Everything, best school in Camden. My children are happy here and I have recommended the school to all my friends and family.



Teachers care about my children.


Good teachers, good memories – I have been coming here since nursery.


I love the diversity in this school; we meet different parents from different backgrounds and cultures.


Any concerns I have are dealt with right away.


The school provides great support to others and understands students, giving them a great education. All the teachers and staff are kind at this school.


The teachers are really great. Behaviour is really good. The school leaders listen to parents and help our children really well.


The selected homework is appropriate for my child’s age and also challenges them to continuously improve. The teachers are very friendly, helpful and easy to approach and speak to if I have any concern, even going beyond expectation to make sure my child is well looked after especially with his skin condition. They are encouraging and are consistent in helping develop my child’s confidence.


Encouraging my child to let them express their thoughts in a creative way influences the way they communicate and experiment and explore different ways of communication. I like how the teachers are informative, supportive and helpful.


I value teachers’ dedication and hard work to help our children and my son in particular to be successful and achieve more. I do value the school management and leadership to materialise inclusiveness and success.

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