Homework is set regularly. It develops from sharing a book with the youngest pupils to more
formal tasks as children move through the school.We believe that homework supports and reinforces the home-school partnership, and when setting it,we seek to ensure that:

  • It is relevant and supports the work in class;
  • The amount set is reasonable;
  • Marking, checking and appropriate feedback is prompt.
  • Parents/carers can support their children enormously in the successful completion of homework by:
  • Making sure you know when homework is set and when it is expected to be returned;
  • Finding a quiet place for children to do their homework;
  • Helping with homework;
  • Ensuring that homework is completed and handed in on time;
  • Discuss your child’s homework with them, praising your child’s effort regularly.

A copy of the school’s homework policy is available on the website or from the school office.  is available from the school office. A variety of types of homework are used depending on the age and ability of the pupils. These include

  • Reading
  • Learning spelling, multiplication tables and mental arithmetic tasks
  • Completion of class work
  • A piece of research on a new or familiar topic
  • Revision for a test
  • A piece of Mathematics, English or Science work If you need any advice about homework set, do not hesitate to speak to the class teacher who will be pleased to help.
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