The Learning Centre

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On our school site, we have a very successful learning centre which provides courses and workshops for parents/carers.

Learning programmes at Richard Cobden Learning Centre, provide learners with opportunities to:

  • Develop their skills and understanding of how they can support their own children’s learning.
  • Have increased opportunities to further their own learning.
  • Be supported in planning and accessing further career/educational opportunities.
  • Have increased involvement in the life of their children’s school.

Parents/carers of young children often find that they have time on their hands when their children are at school. This is a valuable time to begin to think about how would like to develop your own learning or your career.

Further Education is one option open to you. It can be very daunting to make links with a college if you have not been a student for many years. Our centre provides a friendly and convenient venue for further learning which raises the confidence of adults to begin the pursuit of their own dreams and aspiration.

Creche facilities are available. We look forward to working closely with you to help you fulfil your potential.

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