Science Week – Year 5

Read the student reports below to find out what 5 Linden got up to when they visited the Francis Crick Institute during Science Week!

During the science trip to the Francis Crick Institute we did a lot of experiments using hydrogen peroxide! It was really fun. Before we did our own experiments, the ladies showed us a safety video and gave us long white coats with safety goggle to wear. My favourite part was when we did an experiment using electric wires and batteries to make a circuit. The class loved watching the chemicals mixing and blow up out of a bottle.  By Nadia, 5 Linden

At the Francis Crick Institute we learned about hydrogen peroxide and chemical reactions. We did some tests to sort different powders such as a sugar test, gas test and many more. We also did experiments about electronics. We were allowed to make our own and not follow the box because we were scientists for the day!  By Joshua, 5 Linden

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