Year 6: Black History Assembly

In celebration of Black History Month, 6 Iroko put on a performance telling inspirational stories from Black history. They did a fantastic job of portraying stories from the past that celebrate the qualities of innovation, creativity and success.

The children delivered a very strong message about being resilient in the face of hardships!

Included was the story of Henry “Box” Brown, who escaped his enslavers by folding himself into a crate. It measured 3 feet by two feet. He arrived in Philadelphia at the home of a barber who was part of the Underground Railroad. This was a network of people, safe houses and routes which helped lead many thousands of enslaved people to freedom.

In class, 6 Iroko also did an artist study on African American Artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and created some beautiful artwork inspired by him.

Well done, 6 Iroko, for a memorable assembly.


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