Welcome to Richard Cobden Primary School

“Pupils are very happy here. They told us that all the adults who work with them are kind and helpful. The nurturing spirit of the school helps pupils to excel in all aspects of school life.”
Ofsted October 2019

Our school is an inclusive and happy school where we all work hard to do our very best.   We have a strong focus on the well-being and achievement of every child so that their time in our school is rewarding, enjoyable and successful.

We are aspirational for our pupils.  In order to fulfill our vision and aims, we maintain a learning environment where high standards and creativity go hand in hand with excellent behaviour, respect, resilience and independence.

Our vision is to uphold high expectations and standards so as to:

  • provide every child with their right to a high quality education embedded in an inspiring and creative curriculum, enriched with opportunities to stretch their individual talents and interests
  • enable every child to use well developed oracy skills to think, learn, reason, explore, communicate, create and influence
  • develop every child’s ability to be a creative thinker and problem solve
  • help every child to develop independence and resilience to enable them to be responsible and accountable for their learning and behaviour
  • ensure every child is heard, understood and valued

In doing this we aim to ensure all pupils:

  • make learning a priority
  • develop aspiration and ambition
  • develop an enjoyment of learning
  • develop independence and self-discipline
  • work collaboratively and creatively
  • adhere to high expectations of behaviour
  • rise to challenges
  • have a determination to succeed
  • have a voice and use it purposefully
  • have, and live up to high expectations
  • adopt our culture of ‘no excuses’
  • make the most of the experiences provided in school
  • are successful and fulfilled
  • have self-respect and respect for others
  • commit to supporting each other to achieve

We know that the learning environment we create is crucial to children being able to meet our aims.  We commit to providing the care, support, guidance, resources and conditions that will enable all pupils to meet our aims, and in so doing, have a fulfilled school experience that prepares them well for the next phase of their lives and education.

To enable this we will provide:

  • High quality teaching provided by well trained staff
  • Inclusive education
  • Moral guidance and development of social skills
  • Experience and appreciation of different cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices
  • A safe environment where worries are listened to and pupils are helped to resolve them, and where pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe and be healthy
  • Strong pastoral care
  • Clear and consistent behaviour management
  • Equality in all provision
  • A happy school community
  • The best possible resources
  • A stimulating and engaging curriculum enriched with trips, workshops and community partnerships
  • Provision that develops children’s artistic, musical, technological and sporting skills in addition to high academic achievement
  • A clean, safe and stimulating school building
  • Motivational rewards for achievement, diligent effort and positive contribution to the life of the school and its aims
  • Close working partnerships with children, parents, governors and the wider community to achieve our aims for our pupils
  • Promotion of inquiry, curiosity, creativity, enthusiasm and challenge

We welcome all children, families and staff who aspire to our vision and who want to work with us to achieve this for our pupils.

Job Opportunities at our School

School Business Manager

Phone: 0207 387 5909
Fax: 0207 380 1518
29 Camden Street
Richard Cobden Primary School